Null Logics The Bat! Password Recovery  v.

Null Logics TheBat! Password Recovery - the program to recover TheBat! email passwords. The program supports all versions of the TheBat! and will help you recover all types of passwords used in it. Null Logics TheBat! Password Recovery features: +

Null FTP Server  v.1. 3. 2002

Null FTP Server is an enterprise level FTP, SFTP (SSH), FTPS, HTTP/S, WebDAV server. Remote administration allows you to control any number of Null FTP servers from your desktop computer.


Null FTP Client Pro  v.1.0.7

Null FTP Client Pro - The most powerful and easy to use FTP, SFTP (SSH), and FTPS client. Easy to use user interface: * Drag and drop from Null FTP Client to Windows Explorer * Drag and drop from Windows Explorer to Null FTP Client * Attention

Null iBBS  v.0.5.0

Null iBBS is a Web-based Bulletin Board System with file bases, message forums, private messaging, Web mail, and a shared hyperlink system.

Null Webmail  v.0.9.2

Null Webmail is a simple yet powerful POP3/SMTP Webmail CGI written in C.

NULL's DKP System  v.1.0

NULL's Zero Sum DKP System for EverQuest or any other RPG game using DKP (Dragon Kill Points) (Will be adapted to World of Warcraft).

MS SQL To MySQL DB Migration Tool

MS SQL to MySQL database converter is an advance utility to transform database tables and its default values (primary key, unique key, foreign key, null values) with maintained DB consistency. Database synchronization software accurately redesigns

RPM Power Analysis Software  v.5.0

Traditionally, data collected in a research study is submitted to a significance test to assess the viability of the null hypothesis.

MSSQL DB Converter Software  v.

Download MSSQL to MySQL comprehensive database conversion solution which converts MySQL databases to MSSQL server with all attribute such as entire database, data type, trigger, null value, selected rows and column and primary keys etc.

Parse-O-Matic Power Tool

Programmable file converter. Extract data, mine reports. Copy, delete, parse, change, edit, reformat records: ASCII or EBCDIC text or binary files from Windows, Unix or Mac. Fixed or variable record length or delimited (e.g. null or tab). Export CSV files

Migrate MS Access Database to MySQL

Ms Access to MySQL database conversion application program quickly and accurately converts database tables and its data field properties values including indexes, Null values and key values. Software program efficiently supports Unicode architecture and

MSSQL to MySQL Data Migration Tool

MSSQL to MySQL converter uses a very smart and organized algorithm makes the conversion of fully loaded databases done in seconds. Software supports conversion of all data types, indexes default values, null values, primary key, and Unique, constraint

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